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Remove Hazardous Chemicals from Your Commercial Site in Calgary

Improper management of chemicals generated from industries is a leading cause of air, water, and land pollution. It can not only affect human life but can harm the environment as well. To protect you against the harmful effects of hazardous waste discharge, HZMTCORP Environmental offers you their reliable and effective chemical waste collection, transportation and disposal services in Calgary.


Our trained workers can identify, label and properly package all the chemical waste and can take it with them for proper disposal according to the classification. We bring all the necessary supplies and equipment for collecting and packaging chemical substances from your commercial premises and dispose of them at our treatment center so as not to contaminate the environment.


If you require any safe and secure destruction services for dangerous goods to manage wastes in your area, feel free to contact us.

What Are Hazardous Chemicals?

Hazardous chemical wastes can be defined as any solid, liquid or gaseous substance containing or contaminated with flammable solvents, leachable toxic materials, corrosives, reactive, unstable compounds and substances with carcinogenic properties. These unwanted chemical wastes are highly corrosive, ignitable, reactive, toxic and are persistent that can harm the environment as well as human life. Most of these chemicals cannot be treated on campuses or in industries and should be transported to bigger treatment plants for recycling and disposal of these harmful substances.


In the current era of concern and protection of the environment, HZMTCORP Environmental remains dedicated to providing efficient, economical and eco-friendly solutions to discard chemical wastes from your commercial sites. Get in touch to book your service appointment.

Best Practices While Dealing with Hazardous Chemicals

Chemical wastes are highly toxic and must be handled with care till the time experienced workers come and collect them from your site. Follow these procedures for safely storing and disposing of the chemical wastes.

  • Identify whether the substance is hazardous or extremely hazardous and accordingly handle the waste.

  • Designate a place as a hazardous waste storage area and mark the place as a danger zone so that no one else should accidentally meet chemical substances. The area should only be accessed and operated by EH&S waste technicians.

  • Select the storage container that is compatible with the chemicals and does not react with the caps, surface and closure of the container. While selecting the container, do check with the size specifications and proper caps and lids so that it doesn't overflow or leak.

  • Always keep the container in the second container to capture the spills and leaks from the primary container and to segregate the incompatible wastes such as acids and bases.

  • Chemical waste containers must be labelled with chemical name, quantity, date of waste generation, place of origin, bottle number assigned on the waste sheet and must have the word "Hazardous Waste.".

  • Do not overfill the liquid waste containers and always leave a gap for expansion and safe transportation.

  • Do not mix different types of chemical wastes.

  • Keep lab trash, dry chemicals and sharp piercing objects in different containers so that it does not damage the containers and pose a threat to the technicians handling the wastes.

  • Unknown or unidentified chemicals wastes should be handled with care and caution and must be labelled as “unknowns”.

  • Request for waste collection before the time crosses 90 days from generation and quantity limits exceeding 55 gallons are reached.

Why Hire Us?

More than ever, businesses now have the responsibility of disposing of all industrial chemical waste properly. Recycling these wastes is our top priority to prevent pollution, deforestation and airborne diseases. But doing it yourself is still risky. Hire a professional company like HZMTCORP Environmental that can offer you the following advantages:

  • Be assured about the eco-friendly disposal of waste generated by your industry.

  • Attain peace of mind; our experts will adopt the best methods to disintegrate and dispose of chemical wastes.

  • We can detect the harmful hazards associated with unidentified chemical substances and save you from potential health diseases and legal risks tied to them.

  • Cost-effective solution and timely collection of wastes from your site.

At HZMTCORP Environmental, we have a professional and reliable team that can handle all your waste removal needs and requirements safely and securely. While working on your project, we adhere to all safety standards so that no one is put at risk. If you’re interested, call us to book our services.

Need Hazardous Waste Removal Services?

We follow all safety protocols while removing, collecting, and transporting wastes from your site.

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