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Hazardous Waste Management in Calgary

Disposing waste into the surrounding locality has been a constant practice from prehistoric times. But do you know the careless disposal of waste can pose a threat to life? To eliminate the risk of contracting life-threatening diseases, you must manage and dispose of the hazardous waste at a proper treatment plant. HZMTCORP Environmental provides safe, secure and reliable collection, transportation and disposal services to the residents and commercial property owners in Calgary.


Our industrial waste management facilities include hauling yards, recovering materials, transfer and transport wastes to the processing facilities, all of which are done by a reliable fleet of tankers, specialized vehicles and professional workers. From routine industrial waste collection to large-scale environment-friendly initiatives, we approach each disposal project with professionalism and the utmost attention to detail. We invite you to explore our services by contacting us today!

What Is Hazardous Waste?

Any waste material that can pose a threat to a human being or an environment is termed hazardous. These are the toxic substances generated from industrial, medical or household wastes like batteries and come in many forms, including solids, liquids, gases or even sludges. Hazardous wastes are highly flammable, corrosive, explosive and reactive in nature, making it essential for you to remove them in a regulated manner.

Types of Hazardous Wastes

We can classify the hazardous wastes in the following categories:

   Listed wastes: Wastes that are EPA determined, generated from common manufacturing and industrial processes (F-list), from specific industries (K-list), and wastes from commercial chemical products (P- & U-lists).

   Characteristic wastes: These do not meet the criteria of the lists but exhibit ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, or toxicity.

   Universal wastes: Covers batteries, pesticides, thermostats, mercury-containing equipment and lamps.

   Mixed wastes: Contains radioactive & hazardous waste components.


Hazardous Waste Generation

The identification of hazardous waste can be a complex process, so EPA encourages workers to identify the industrial waste as hazardous by following the below-listed process:

  • Identify the state of the waste (solid, liquid or gaseous). If the waste is in solid form, it can be counted as hazardous.

  • Examine whether the waste is specifically excluded from regulation specifying the waste as hazardous.

  • If the generator identifies that the waste meets the criteria of solid waste, they will identify whether it has the characteristics of being hazardous to humans and the environment.

  • After being sure, the waste is collected from the site and transported to the treatment plant.

Waste Transportation

After classifying the wastes generated from industries, commercial units and medical facilities as hazardous, our transporters move the wastes to disposal and treatment plants that can recycle, treat, store or dispose of the waste. Our workers use state-of-the-art equipment and specialized vehicles to transport waste from the site by adhering to the waste regulation guidelines laid out by the Government. We provide full tracking documentation and waste management for the entire process and make sure that all the waste is properly packed, labelled and taken care of.

You can rely on our waste management process that is compliant with both state and federal regulations. Call us to collect your waste.

Hazardous Waste Disposal and Treatment

Disposal and treatment of hazardous waste are critical for maintaining the balance in the environment and protecting human health from hazardous health diseases. Treatment and storage facilities provide a temporary storage area for the disposal of waste products that can affect the environment due to spills, leaks, fires and contaminating the soil and drinking water. These storage facilities are strictly regulated with management standards, specific provisions governing the handling of hazardous substances and precautions to not contaminate the soil, groundwater and air resources. While many wastes can be recycled safely and effectively, some still need to be treated and disposed of in incinerators and landfills. If you would like to know more about our waste disposal and treatment procedures, make a call now.

Safe and Secure Disposal

Let our professionals handle your hazardous waste collection and disposal.

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