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Professional Biomedical Waste Management in Calgary

When it is time for sensitive material disposal, you need a service that you can trust. HZMTCORP Environmental is a biomedical waste management collection, transportation and disposal service provider that aims to offer excellent customer service and great value for your commercial organization in Calgary. We are a full-service waste disposal and treatment company operating with the intent of protecting the environment and lives of people by regulating all biomedical and biohazardous waste effectively and efficiently.


As a leading service provider in Western Canada, we specialize in ensuring the timely pickup and collection of biohazardous waste, including sharp needles, pathological and chemotherapy waste, biomedical waste fluids and liquids from the generation centre and transporting them to a disposal centre, where it can be treated and you can be safeguarded from the risks associated with biohazards.


If you are in the healthcare business that requires safe and secure biomedical waste disposal, speak to us for assistance.

What is Biomedical Waste?

Any waste product or material that is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings, animals or during research activities for them or in the production or testing of and on biological products is termed as biomedical waste. These waste materials can result from hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical centers, biological laboratories, medical offices, veterinary clinics, dental offices, funeral homes, ambulance services, and many others.


To eliminate the risks associated with these wastes, you need a service that can turn remediate harmful trash into sterile trash. HZMTCORP Environmental prides itself on providing proper biomedical waste management services for the people living in Western Canada, where biohazardous substances can be securely destructed into harmless confetti.

Types of Biohazardous Waste

There are three major categories of biomedical waste that need to be segregated, collected and transported to the disposal plants for a healthy environment and life. It includes:

   Infectious waste: It is a type of biomedical waste that is suspected of hosting harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi, and is present in large quantities to cause diseases. It can be generated from cultures and stocks of infectious agents in laboratories, waste from autopsies and operations, feces and urine, dressings from infected or surgical wounds, dialysis equipment, disposable towels, gloves, aprons, infected animals and other agents from laboratories, to name a few.

   Pathological waste: This type of biomedical waste is the dead tissues that can hide dangerous or communicable infectious agents. It includes wastes such as blood, body fluids, organs, body parts, human fetuses, and animal carcasses.

   Sharps: These are the sharp objects like knives, scalpels and other blades, infusion sets, needles, hypodermic needles, saws, broken glass, nails capable of cutting or puncturing the skin tissues. These objects can transmit infections directly into the bloodstream and can cause harmful effects on your body.

How to Handle Biomedical Waste?

Follow the stepwise procedure to handle large amounts of biohazardous waste generated by your healthcare facility.

   Waste minimization: You must quantify and identify the amount of biomedical waste generated by the healthcare facility. You should take proper measures to control the inventory, wastage of consumable items and derive ways to recycle certain types of wastes after proper cleaning and disinfection.

   Waste segregation: The hospital facilities should segregate different types of wastes according to their disposal options in colour-coded plastic bags and bins at the point of generation.

   Waste treatment on-site: Biohazardous waste should be treated on-site using any one of the techniques, including autoclaving, microwaving or chemical treatment.

   Waste transportation: The waste should be collected and labelled for easy identification. Then the waste should be transported from the premises of waste generation to any waste treatment facility outside the premises.

   Waste treatment off-site: Once the waste reaches the treatment facility, it should be treated using any of the techniques, including incineration, chemical disinfection, steam sterilization, microwave irradiation, land disposal and inertization.

   Final disposal: Biomedical waste should be treated and disposed of finally using any of the listed methods:

   Chemical treatment – for sharps, solid, liquid and chemical wastes

   Autoclaving/Microwaving – for microbiology/biotechnology, sharps, soiled and solid wastes.

   Incineration – human, animal, microbial and solid waste.

   Deep burial in secured landfills – discarded medicines, incineration ash and chemical solid waste such as mercury.

   Drainage – for liquid and chemical waste.

Why Choose Us?

At HZMTCORP Environmental, using cutting-edge technology, we offer our reliable medical waste collection to final disposal services for safe and secure living in Calgary. We are the choicest option for you because of the following:

  • Customized service plan for your convenience

  • Guaranteed rates, with no hidden charges

  • Complete customer satisfaction

  • Low energy consumption and lower carbon footprints

  • Highly effective disinfection

  • Proper care and precaution policies for you and our workers

Hire us for the smooth and safe removal of biomedical waste from your premises.

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