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Professional Biomedical Waste Disposal and Management in Calgary, Surrey, and selected parts of Canada

HZMTCORP offers safe and secure biomedical waste management, collection and final disposal. There are several regulations associated with the collection and disposal of biomedical waste management in Calgary, Surrey, and other parts of Canada. These regulations are intricate and can vary for each province. Our team is well versed in federal, provincial and local regulations. All our services comply with the required regulations. In addition to biomedical waste disposal, we also offer other services

Safeguarding Environment With Biomedical Waste Management Disposal

We are a full-service disposal provider that specializes in the transportation, processing and destruction of biomedical waste. Hazardous and sometimes infectious waste is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of humans and animals. It is also produced through research activities, or in the creation or testing of biological agents. Not reusable syringes, sharps, cultures, medicines, swabs, bandages, and human and animal excrement are all examples of biomedical waste. Medical waste can be highly infectious and poses a severe threat to human health and the environment.

At HZMTCORP, we can dispose of biomedical waste, sharp, pathological waste, and more. Our team can collect waste at a time convenient for you. Our flexible pickup schedules help minimize interruption and ensure that there is no disruption to your operations. Our main offices are located in Calgary and Surrey, however, we service ower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, Kamloops and Kelowna, Edmonton, Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, and Quebec.

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Biomedical and Biohazardous Waste Management Solutions

Learn how to effectively deal with biomedical wastes with our cost effective, reliable and compliant biomedical waste disposal services

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